T.N. He invented a way of "bitty-izing" plants, so the Berrykins and the girls can have fruit in the same scale as humans and normal size fruit. or Best Offer. She wears a raspberry-colored headband. Mint Tulip wears tights, a green dress, a white tulip flower shaped hat over blonde hair and wooden clogs. DHX Media and its subsidiary, WildBrain, released a 2D reboot of Strawberry Shortcake in 2018. He has light brown hair, wears a dark blue T-shirt with a picture of huckleberries on it over a green and white striped long-sleeved shirt, light brown pants, and dark blue shoes. Her direct quote: "...If you don't think about it, the calories don't count." She lives in a shell-shaped cottage in a hidden cove, which is only accessible by swimming underwater. A white dog with blue spots, a blue tail, blue ears and a blue strawberry shaped patch over one eye, Pupcake is a very energetic and easily excitable puppy, although unlike Custard he is unable to talk to humans. First introduced in the episode, The Blueberry Beast, this incarnation of Blueberry Muffin is a bookworm, moving into Strawberryland a few days prior to the start of the episode. Apple's hair is strawberry blonde in this version, and she wears a red shirt with an apple-printed dress. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Doll ‘ Orange Blossom with pet Marmalade. The dress However, a conflict caused by Peppermint Fizz very nearly caused her to leave Strawberryland. [6][7][8] A few of the remaining fillies also made an appearance in the edutainment title Strawberry Shortcake and Her Berry Best Friends for Windows and Mac. The ensuing toy "ponies" were a noted departure in that they had no names of their own, and were designated by the name of the character to whom they were linked ("Strawberry Shortcake's Pony", for instance, who was obviously not Honey Pie Pony). Strawberry Shortcake Dolls Vintage Berry Baby Strawberry Posable Toy. There was a strawberry on wheels called the Big Berry Trolley, capable of carrying several dolls at once, a pony called Maple Stirrup who pulled the pink and green Oatsmobile cart, and a stern-faced Berry Merry Worm, who didn’t look merry at all. Jun 5, 2017 - This vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll is Baby Needs-A-Name, she's one of the baby friends of Strawberry Shortcake. Surprisingly, the bright pink pony rode by Strawberry Shortcake was not named, but "Ol' Buttercup", who was paired with Blueberry Muffin on Strawberry Shortcake's team, was. Socks, tights and shoes, especially, were soon lost, and around 1984 Kenner stopped including shoes with the dolls. Strawberry Shortcake is the protagonist and the title character of the Strawberry Shortcake franchise. Some of the prettiest, and most original, of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls were the ‘blow kiss babies’. Their most noticeable feature was their rounded heads, which were slightly larger than they should be, giving the dolls a top-heavy appearance. Usually featured with purple and blue long hair in a swept up hairstyle, long purple dress and long green gloves. Raspberry Ripple is a dazzling fuchsia pink color, swirled through with "ripples" of bright white on her face, legs and hindquarters. Strawberry Shortcake also came as a ballet dancer wearing a strawberry-trimmed tutu, pink and white striped tights and her trade-mark hat. Strawberry Shortcake seemed not to notice. With curly lemon-yellow hair and green eyes, she is nothing if not photogenic. The original line of Strawberry Shortcake toys was made by Kenner from 1979 to 1985. Butter Pecan is an adventurous filly who likes being groomed and who loves to travel. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were afraid of her at first, thinking her some kind of monster that has occupied an abandoned home in the far side of Huckleberry Briar. She has bright red hair, freckles, a floppy hat and a red frock topped with a white pinafore. He and another male character, Berrykin Bloom, are known to let their imaginations run wild. Annie Oatmeal owns and operates the Berry Prairie Dude Ranch. A deep pink filly with red speckles and a vivid red mane and tail, Cherry Vanilla is said to be the sweetest natured of the Ice Cream Island fillies, as she attempts to compensate for the often "bratty" nature of her human counterpart. She is voiced by Dejare Barfield, Along with Ginger and Angel, she appears in every episode except "The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, "Legend of the Lost Treasure, and Back in the Saddle but she is mentoned, This incarnation of the character of Angel Cake is very different from her original incarnation in the 80s. Orange Blossom. Children are not the primary audience for this video. Marmalade is Orange Blossom's pet. The Berry Princess is a beautiful fairy who possesses amazing mystical powers. She wore a pink bonnet over her blonde hair and a pink dress. An ambitious and hard-working girl, Banana Candy is trained as a mechanic, and basically runs the entire town by herself. A curiously coated filly, colored in large swirled swatches of pink, green and brown, like the multi-colored ice cream for which she is named, Spumoni has a lush dark brown mane and tail, which perfectly matches Coco Calypso's hair. Other than her friends, Strawberry Shortcake also loves her cat, Custard. Now called Tea Blossom, her home is in the Plum Blossom Province, near The Great Wall of Chocolate, the Strawberry Shortcake version of Great Wall of China but her pet Marza Panda remains the same. The Purple Pieman lives in a ramshackle tower of oversized cookware dubbed The Pie Tin Palace, situated high atop Strawberryland on Porcupine Peak. Voiced by Melissa Deni. Everyone calls her Sour for short. A provocative and unexplored facet of Almond Tea's personality is that she is said to possess psychic powers, and was able to, on occasion, see glimpses of the future. She sports long, wavy pink locks, and Eclair is similarly pink. She originated as a berry special doll and did not receive a name so that those who purchased her could name her instead. Berry Babies were a cute range of small drink-and-wet dolls which came complete with feeding bottles. Hasbro is also the current owner of Kenner, making this new line a homecoming of sorts for the Strawberry Shortcake license. A bright plastic Flitter-Bit toy was produced by Kenner in 1981, the year that he made his sole animated appearance in the "Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City" special. She wears a lemon-colored hairclip and green ribbons in her very long locks. New Listing Vintage Kenner Strawberry Shortcake Doll & Pet Lot Huge Must See Case! She and Sweet run a food truck. After the THQ dolls finished their run, Strawberry Shortcake dolls faded from toy shelves like a distant memory. Perhaps the most unusual of the dolls, harder to recognise as a member of Strawberry Shortcake’s world, is the Purple Pieman. They all had tiny moulded bumps for noses, and their mouths resembled the letter ‘U’. Able to change color, and also talented at lip-syncing. Their hair was made from wool and they could be undressed. Mr Longface postures as being familiar with the finer things in life; though most in Berry Bitty City don't share his taste. Maple Stirrup was the first Strawberry Shortcake horse character to be merchandised as a toy. She is voiced by Anna Cummer, and her singing voice is by Tracey Moore. An orange colored butterfly, Marmalade is the quietest of pets in Strawberryland, apparently only able to make soft tongue rolling noises. Orange's everyday outfit almost always includes her favorite orange boots. This vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll is the Sweet Sleeper version of Strawberry Shortcake & Custard. Then, in 2003, at a time when many toy companies were revamping old 80s toys (trying to suck in people like me who had grown up with certain characters and could now introduce them to their own children), the Bandai company released a new version of Strawberry Shortcake. Seemingly around the same age as the recently (as of 2007) more grown up Strawberry Shortcake, Annie Oatmeal hired Strawberry and her friend Angel Cake to work as hands on her ranch. A number of these direct-to-toy-line ponies were given names in the Big Country Fun DVD, and are the first ponies introduced for Year 4 characters. As a baby, she's smaller than the other dolls. She had a matching hat. He is also assumed to be the narrator of the Berry Brick Road episode Toto's Tale. The boxes were marked accordingly – so it could well be that if you now find a shoeless Strawberry Shortcake, she didn’t have any in the first place! Considering that the Baby was the title star of the 1984 yearly TV Special ("Strawberry Shortcake and The Baby Without a Name"), it seems very much like a series of missed opportunities. The last of Strawberry Shortcake's original 1980s friends, Plum Pudding was the bespectacled genius of the group. The Pieman possessed a magic pie tin, which he used to spy on the residents of Strawberryland. The classic late '70s, early 1980s Kenner baby doll based on the American Greetings character is what most people think of as Strawberry Shortcake. Cookie Dough is known as the slowest of the fillies, owing to her inability to refrain from stopping to nibble every sweet thing that crosses her path. Huck bore more than a passing resemblance to Mark Twain's litinn, from his straw hat and overalls to his tendencies towards fishing and general laziness. Free postage. As of season 3, Lemon adopts a yellow American cocker spaniel puppy she names Henna. Orange also was the mastermind behind the city's own resort Berry Bitty Bay Resort. "Big Apple City" marked her singular appearance in a Strawberry Shortcake adventure, although she was also featured in occasional American Greetings card illustrations. Overly polite Angel Cake seemed to take the "Angel" portion of her name a bit too seriously. A light-purple lamb with a snow-white fleece who is Angel Cake's pet. She wears a blueberry-colored headband. Each Berrykin is voiced by the following - Andrea Libman (Princess Berrykin and Baby Berrykins), Scott McNeil (Berrykin Ed), Sam Vincent (Berrykins Earl and Bruce), Grace Kaufman (Berrykin Bonnie and Baby Berrykins), Janyse Jaud (Baby Berrykins), Paul Dobson (Berrykin Bloom), Kathleen Barr (Queen of Berryvania and Berrykin Becky). Discover (and save!) His appearance on one of a set of 1981-circa Strawberry Shortcake trading cards is as close to being merchandised as Tamale/Guaca-Mole ever got. She turns after a close brush with death where she must save herself or her golden sand dollars in an earthquake. Billed as the best cook of all of Strawberry Shortcake's friends, Crêpe has also been described as a bit of a perfectionist. Horseradish pulled a Hansom Cab in Big Apple City, and delivered Strawberry and her growing retinue of friends to her engagement at The Little Theatre Off Times Pear, to compete in the Big TV Bake-Off. She can hunger on healthy foods that contains fruits and vegetables. Caramel's land was being coveted by The Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes, who wanted to build a parking lot for their adjacent "Pie Man Land" Amusement Park. In the 1980s series, Huckleberry Pie was voiced by a female actress, Julie McWhirter. She has lime green eye shadow and a small beauty mark on her left cheek. Also changed was her position in the crimes; whereas before she had suggested schemes herself and often talked the Purple Pieman into them, this time she was the follower and it can be argued that she followed out of affectionate familial devotion. Cherry is frequently pursued by celebrity reporter, Mavis Maraschino. Many of the dolls were later issued wearing party outfits, which had fuller skirts than than the basic costumes and though for the most part the colouring was the same, these dresses were very pretty with lots of braid, lace and frills. Th e little socks – the ones which fit the babies are minute – are easy to recognise, as they are green and white striped. A pink cat with darker pink stripes and the leader of the pets, Custard was one of two pets introduced at the start of the franchise itself, and one of the "berry" few animals in the show's universe that can talk to humans. Apple Dumplin' with TeaTime Turtle Blueberry Muffin Huckleberry Pie; Strawberry Shortcake Purple Pieman with Berry Bird [villain] Gifted with a full head of bright pink curls, the Raspberry Tart doll produced by Kenner depicted an unusual interpretation of her standard Strawberryland dress-and-bloomers outfit: both items were combined into a one-piece playsuit-type outfit. Holly Hobbie was an artist specialising in drawing greetings cards, In the 21st Century they put the finishing touches to any outfit and are a, One thing that often appeals to us collectors is a sense of, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Her Fairies and Postcards Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1888, Ellowyne Wilde is a doll with attitude, a world-weary doll with an unusual take. Megan E. Bryant, SI Artists; Strawberry Shortcake's Filly Friends, Grosset & Dunlap. LOT Of 16 Vintage 1970s-80s Strawberry Shortcake Dolls W/Extras (healdsburg / windsor) $50 Strawberry ShortCake Dolls (Springlakes SD-Martinez) $25 Strawberry Shortcake Dolls, House, Furniture, Clothes, Wardrobes (Oakdale) $25 He has reddish-brown hair and wears a tall, black, licorice-ribbed stove-pipe hat. She is also great at research but really has a hard time accepting things in print might be inaccurate; however, with Strawberry's help, she is learning how to improvise. With a wave of her magic wand, she can appear and disappear in a shower of sparkles, cleanse the skies of pollution, and even make hair grow to fantastic lengths instantly! A deep purple pony with a cropped lavendar mane and tail, Thunder was referred to both as a he AND a she during the course of the adventure, not unlike Plum Puddin' during the course of the character's history. Each doll was dressed in a patterned romper suit with booties and a mob-cap. And yes, this little horse did indeed smell of maple syrup. So, if you fancy a collection of colourful little dolls which will do duty as room-fresheners, why not invest in a punnet of Strawberry Shortcakes? They both wear headbands, bracelets and boots. The final friend of Strawberry Shortcake to be introduced in the 1980s, Banana Twirl was an energetic exercise enthusiast. A talking palomino horse (and the only horse on the series that could talk) who was introduced with the franchise's revival, Honey Pie Pony likes to chat about anything, often leading to meandering monologues on her extensive travels of the world. Clad in a top hat, bow tie and tweed suit, Philbert also wears an ornate saddle with twin sidebaskets, so that Strawberry Shortcake can ride on his back, as he bounces along at a surprisingly quick pace. 26610. Where other characters were implied to be long time residents, Mr. Longface is not familiar with local traditions such as First Frost. An enormous snail with a French accent, Escargot was voiced by Bob Holt, and appeared in the first two Strawberry Shortcake Specials of the 1980s. She is voiced by Samantha Triba. They can also change the colors of the berries with their power. He wears a blue vest, a navy blue top hat, and a bow tie. Blueberry is obsessed with the Patty Persimmon mystery novel series. She was voiced by Julie McWhirter. Lime Chiffon wore a pink hat with a green bow on it, over her bright green short curly hair. But of course, the most outstanding characteristic of all was the gorgeous perfume. This characterization was transplanted nearly verbatim into the 2009 re-re-boot of the line. Vintage Pair Strawberry Shortcake Baby Needs A Name Dolls NIB No. In her storyline appearances (and in her BanDai doll release), Seaberry has ordinary blonde hair, but when PlayMates later produced a doll of her, they changed her hair to a distinctive aqua color. His purple trousers are moulded onto his skinny legs, and he wears a turquoise top, white apron and floppy chef’s hat. Raspberry sometimes can get competitive when it comes to design with Lemon Meringue as they are both very artistic and share the same flavor for style. By the end of said episode, the girls have befriended Blueberry Muffin and helps her move into her new residence. Her home was originally announced in the 2003 series to be Raspberry Fields, but was changed to Raspberry Meadows some time before her debut in the Sweet Dreams Movie. First introduced in the episode, Peppermint's Pet Peeve, Peppermint Fizz is a misbehaving "brat who needs to be tamed" character by which the good nature of Strawberry Shortcake shines in comparison. Online shopping from a great selection at Toys & Games Store. This large baby doll measures approximately 13-1/2 inches tall. While he does not speak human language, apparently the inhabitants of Strawberryland, and especially Ginger Snap, are capable of understanding his chipmunk chatters. The issue was resolved by the end of the episode. For reasons that remain unclear, Tamale has also been billed under the unlikely name "Guaca-Mole" in some media. Raven is another one of the few animals in Strawberry Shortcake's universe to be able to talk to humans. But he truly shares Blueberry's love of Patty Persimmon mysteries, and has joined with Blueberry to write their own mystery story called "Kayleigh and Kyle" for "Berry Bitty Mysteries" magazine. This content was created with adult viewers in mind. When pressed for details, however, she admits that her "pictures" are mostly owned by members of her immediate family. Orange really likes hopping on her pogo stick and even broke the Berry Bitty world record for most consecutive hops, which was verified by judge Bosley Bookworm (sometimes a co-judge alongside his cousin Boris). They come in all sorts of color combinations and are led by Princess Berrykin, a smart and gracious leader. Raspberry was given the nickname "Rawr-Rawr-Raspberry" by Mavis Marashino. Gaily-decorated shutters fitted the windows, and it had a window box, veranda and sw ing. She was very fond of her pet snake, Dregs, whom she frequently wore as a stole. Which dolls will this dress fit? Like many other supporting characters featured in the "Big Apple City" adventure (T.N. It is revealed that at that the beginning of the series, she loved Strawberry more than Pupcake,which they eventually becomes friends. They also appeared in the episode, "Good Citizens Club.". Never missing an opportunity to say "please" and "thank you", she even went so far as to play the harp and wear a gold halo-shaped headband in her hair. Apricot was assigned to Sunflower, a pretty peach-colored pony during her stay at The Berry Prairie Dude Ranch. They had very sweet faces with painted eyes and freckles, and their hair was fine and silky. He redeems himself after Strawberry Shortcake rescues him at the end of the game. Orange Blossom, though, is NOT most people. Custard is voiced by Sarah Koslosky in the first four episodes of the show, but the voice cast was changed to Anna Jordan for the rest of the series. Rainbow Sherbet is a nautical adventurer, captain of The Rainbow Float, her own ornate paddleboat that voyages on the Punch Bowl Pond. PlayMate's initial Strawberry Shortcake "Flavor Swirl" Wave included dolls of both Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte, but their filly friends from Bandai were long gone by then. She is Sour Grapes' adolescent niece. His wild abode features a skate park full of ramps and secret entrances, a testament to him being a skateboarder. Lemon Ice and Raspberry Ripple (below) share something in common with Cherry Vanilla, in that they were marketed without benefit of having a kid character counterpart to ride them. Everyone calls her Sweet for short. Her pet monkey was named Rhubarb. [5] The remaining fillies were direct-to-toy-line, and most never appeared in the TV series beyond an on-screen cameo, although Huckleberry Hash, Blueberry Sundae and Ambrosia subsequently appeared in books. I… Her bright blonde mane and tail are streaked with orange as well. Online shopping from a great selection at Toys & Games Store. Butter Cookie is probably Strawberry Shortcake's youngest friend ever, a baby just learning to crawl. vintage strawberry shortcake Miniatures Carded X2 Cool!!!! It seems unlikely that a glamorous girl such as Lemon Meringue would choose a frog for a pet. or Best Offer. While the other ponies introduced in the "Big Country Fun" DVD were named after various flowers, the pony that Annie Oatmeal matched with perennial newcomer Plum Puddin' was called Thunder. Sour Grapes has purple hair with blue streaks, a pale lilac chiffon scarf, and she wears a pet snake around her neck. Monogram & Name Necklaces Beaded Necklaces ... Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Doll, Strawberry Shortcake Pet, Strawberry Shortcake Doll, Custard Pet TheCharmRoom. But, perhaps, because of Fahrion’s belief in the creations, this became known and accepted worldwide as cuddly doll collections to be continuously treasured by both children and adults. If the scale of the toy made of Berry Busy Bug in 1982 is to be believed, he is arguably the largest known creature in all Strawberryland, for he towers over the Miniature figurines for which he was marketed as a vehicle/accessory. Her beloved pet, that she often rode on, is Tea Time Turtle. . Berry Busy Bug is some sort of strange purple insect, with six legs (one pair functions as hands) and a long squiggly tail. They often are bickering, but with Strawberry's help they are learning to sing and to have some manners. The ladybug twins, Sadiebug Ladybird BerryBeetle and Kadiebug BerryBeetle, are two spoiled and rude relatives of Jadybug (voiced by Nicole Oliver); one of Berry Bitty City's postal workers, they came to visit Jadybug one day and ended up staying, likely because Berry Bitty City was the only place they were not kicked out of. He plays the flute and loves poetry. Strawberry Shortcake wears a pink and white striped nightgown with an embroidered strawberry on it, green and white striped tights, and has a matching lace-trimmed nightcap. The 1980 Kenner re-issued the five original dolls, now with curved hands (except the babies), and added four more characters. Strawberry Shortcake is simple to spot. She is voiced by Rachel Ware. Her pet is an owl called Elderberry. Despite her shortcomings witnessed in the episode "Queen For a Day" and despite her initial reactions to the children in the aforementioned feature movie, she was repeatedly shown to be quite maternal and intelligent. Almond Tea has bright purple hair, a lilac trouser suit with yellow floral sleeves and a super yellow flower-shaped hat, while the bespectacled Plum Puddin’s hair is blue, and she is dressed in a pretty purple striped and spotted dress with a spotted hat. A new updated character design was produced for a 2000s Cherry Cuddler, but she never actually appeared in a storyline. Almond Tea was one of the many new friends met by Strawberry Shortcake during her trip around the world immediately prior to the 1983 TV special. The Purple Pieman has a flock of purple Berry Birds, which he used to steal berries and eavesdrop on the denizens of Strawberryland. £3.10 postage. Both the Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes were described as "Strawberry Shortcake's friendly foes." Licorice Whip is introduced in the 2005 DVD, Adventures on Ice Cream Island. [11] Voiced by Diana Kaarina. C $33.29. She also wore striped tights, a green dress and green shoes. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake’s friend Original LIME CHIFFON rag doll 1983 Made by Kenner American Greeting Corp Retro collection- LIME CHIFFON comes in original clothes. An 'evil conscience' is not mentioned this time around, and the Purple Pieman at last reforms in time for the series finale. Strawberry loves animals and is often able to see things from their point of view. While still an intelligent character, she's also a bit of a walking disaster. This reboot includes the following characters: The characters of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake during year 1 and year 2, New characters of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake introduced during year 3 and year 4, DiC Entertainment/20th Century Fox, Angel Cake In The Outfield, Play Day Surprise, DVD, 2005, 20th Century Fox/DiC Entertainment, Meet Strawberry Shortcake, DVD, 2004, 20th Century Fox/DiC Entertainment, Horse of A Different Color, Adventures on Ice Cream Island DVD, 2004. He has a pet frog named Shoofly. Purple Pieman is cinnamon scented. Apple Dumplin'. Plenty of accessories were produced for these sweet little dolls, for instance a spectacular white house with a red roof. She was discovered and had a very promising career as a top fashion designer in Berry Big City, but she realized she was happier with her friends and that fame and fortune was not all it was broke up to be. She and Ginger Snap get along famously especially because of this, for Ginger Snap is seldom without a cookie to share. Lem wore a yellow and green cap, a bib with a lemon on it, and yellow checkered britches that looked like diapers with side knots. As such, he also officiated as the narrator of the six 1980s-era Strawberry Shortcake TV Specials, and on more than one occasion acted as the deus ex machina means of resolving Strawberry Shortcake's storyline conflict therein.