Reliability * * * * That first .243 was the standard model with a 24-inch barrel, and shortly after buying it, I added a Model 70 Varmint with a 26-inch heavy barrel to my small battery. through the years, and though I have no field experience with the 6mm Creedmoor, it is logical that it will perform about the same on deer-size game simply because there is not a lot of difference in maximum velocities possible with the two cartridges. (I can think of dozens of names to call them right back.) Those who wish to load the heavier bullets farther out of the powder cavity have the option of lengthening chamber throat with a reamer from Pacific Tool & Die. For a slight premium, the rifle can also be ordered with a left handed action. Otherwise, nice review of the ADL. Hey! too many rounds to shoot too quickly). Bed the scope base (A recoil lug type helps keep the scope zeroed.) @Accur81 – more fun to shoot? Regardless of caliber, a 700 action is just plain hard to beat out of the box and this little gun has proved it. I tested the 75 and 87-grain versions of the Hornady VMAX rounds loaded in fully-prepped R-P brass. So, how is an identically priced gun, with 45% more energy, and 30% less drop not a significantly better option as a “cheap and versatile” tool? You never said that you were “limited” to only one tool, so I was simply trying to understand why you picked what you did. Since I don’t “live off the land”, I see no reason – nor could I imagine one, as to why you would need to build a 308 to “hunt” (injure being the statistical probability) “bigger game” at those distances. All the old favorites are normally there, like the classic Marlin, Remington and Ruger rifles. Again, what do you expect from a $300 rifle? It was “impossible” I was told. But I can get the same MOA in a 3 shot group that the heavier much more costly “tactical” monsters can do. Unfortunately, the barrel bore looked “grey” and dull and I was hesitant about getting it. An excellent Remington 700 BDL rifle in .243 caliber. 1 Remington 700 CDL in .243 Winchester. While the SuperCell recoil pad is not actually needed on a 11-pound rifle in .243 Win., it ranks among the best available. You think killing a deer is exciting… help a kid get his first one. Patrick, are you still monitoring the replys to this article? I should have bought it. 5.) Remington Model 7 rifle is one of its kind, and it needs no introduction. rifle with a heavy barrel. I was gonna say something similar, but you beat me to it. You can’t build a house using just a hammer. The .243 Winchester cartridge in the new Remington Model 783 Varmint rifle is a dandy combination. rifle. The .243 Win. My first and only deer rifle is a 700ADL 243, I bought it in 2004 with a Nikon scope($350 for rifle, $149 scope). Just bought a youth model for my son in 243. Weight wise, they are comparable, with a slight edge going to the ADL. Savage 340’s have a 1 in 14 twist 24 inch barrel on the 22 hornet and thus will handle most longer bullets in my humble opinion. These are not heavily skinned animals and most weigh around 40 lbs. I really could care less. Style * * * It has also become almost the standard long range deer and antelope cartridge for beginning hunters. As hunting season approaches every year, we look toward our gun cabinets and wonder if we're really using the best deer rifle. Keith Feeley of Tactical Solutions sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about the new X-Ring Takedown SBR .22LR rifle. Hooah! All but the barrel and dust cover are cloaked in Mossy Oak’s ‘Treestand’ camouflage pattern. 7.) It’s tough all over and packs a punch like nothing else. How about Hornady? By the way. I said I can’t get my head around using a 308 for hunting at the yardages that you are intending to hunt. What impressed me first, was the flat trajectory of this riffle using a 80 grain round. 2.) The “experts” said they wouldn’t have one. My test rifle weighed 9 pounds, 9.3 ounces. Hiking/scouting with a 10-lb Camelbak is a lot different than a 40+ pound hunting pack. Chamber throat and magazine lengths in .243 rifles do vary, and some can be long enough to seat bullets far beyond the SAAMI maximum. It is a very deadly round when you use the 17gr V-Max pill. Although the scope is less than ideal, it is acceptable for dragging through the woods (or scrub). Utilizing the factory-installed Picatinny rail to attach an old faithful Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just over 11 pounds. Ive built and tinkered with many a gun in my day, but this one definitely is the most special cause it lets me still hunt at all ranges with my spinal injury. A “one shot, one kill gun”? Subscriber Services. I have enough AR’s, AKM’s, and an SKS to shoot when I want to blow through a ton of ammo…. I recently started out on a project to make an acceptably rugged, that will hold zero and produce sub MOA rifle that gives me 1000 yards of take down power, but with the self imposed stipulation that I keep the whole top to bottom creation under $1,000 dollars. A Remington 700 with 5 rounds of ammo. One could potentially argue that the AR craze is a little long in the tooth…but I’m not a gun nut, so I wouldn’t know…, “I love me an Arizona “pin stripe” on an XJ/TJ/YJ”. 6/10th inch, 3 shot groups (100yrds) out of cold barrel (it was locked in a led sled and no wind). have a rifling twist rate of 1:10 inches, and that’s too slow for completely stabilizing today’s extremely long bullets. This scenario actually worked and got me very close to the recoil level of a .223. The accuracy and terminal performance is incredible. which I thought was a steal! I might put the scope on a 22lr or something and change the stock after shooting it for a while. All things, including barrel length and chamber pressure to which the two are loaded, being equal, the .243 can be faster, but everything is not equal. Hitting paper and hitting a living creature for the sake of turning it into a meal is FAR from being even remotely related…. So far, I have $804 total in the development. Velocity measurements were as follows: The best group I was able to squeak out was a 1” (3-shot) group from the 75-grain VMAX (with 40-grains of IMR 4064) and 1-3/8” (3-shot) group with the 87-grain VMAX (using 34.8-grains of IMR 4064). I simply meant to show some that might not have the budget to build a long range “field rifle”, that they could get great performance a whole lot cheaper than they might think. Overall, the ADL handles just like any SPS so use that as a reference. I understand that the .243 is on the same scale but with a bit more distance. During its 63 years of existence, the .243 Win. Ah, well. I too like my guns and packs light in weight – my 2-day/3-night hunting pack is under 45 lbs with shelter, gun, food, and ammo. They may even be ideal for certain situations…, I supposed you may be trying to make the argument that it is “too much” firepower (i.e. Sometimes looked at as merely an “entry” level rifle for deer hunters, the Savage Axis … The experts said the effective range of the M1 to bring down a deer (Statistics) was 150 yds. Due to its titanium receiver, it weighs only a bit over 6 pounds with a 2.5-8X scope, yet it consistently shoots inside 0.5 MOA. Thanks for the review of the newer ADL’s. from the bank and the bird sat about 20ft. for $374, and have scoured the net for the cheapest deals on what I’ve added to this package. Some people have good luck, some say a .222 is the minimum caliber for ‘yotes. I don’t plan on shooting competition going through a hundred rounds in a session. Since getting my Beta Chrony from Brownells a few months ago, I seem to be using it all the time, even when testing factory ammunition. Because somehow I think I’m talking apples and you’re talking oranges. If I needed a cheap deer hunting bolt gun, I think that would be my first choice. The 783 line of rifles is Remington’s entry into the low price, no frills rifle market. Why throw away a stock for bragging rights, when you can rough the inner works and glass bed it? This is still a SOMEWHAT free country, and I’m not wearing pretty pink panties because some wimpy coward says it’s politically correct. My bolt guns are all MOA or better, which makes them more fun to shoot than less accurate bolt guns. The difference between 7lbs and 9lbs is in the noise. It's a deadly killer. And obviously AR’s have been beat to hell around the world – but mine haven’t I don’t know of many Marines shelling out their own money for their own M4’s or M249’s. They seem to know a thing or two about bullets, wouldn’t you say? Remington?s Model 700 action, the mainstay of its full-bore rifle range, needs no introduction. The things people blithely say without explaining are kind of amazing here. Recently I’ve been making friends at the local range and I finally found someone to take me coyote hunting out here in the desert (yay!). By that I mean gear AND weapon(s). I wouldn’t call it “stylish”, but it certainly looks better than a “Sporterized” Mosin-Nagant in an ATI stock. Where I life, its shotgun only for deer. I very much prefer a 9lb rifle which is comfortable to shoot, reliable and stout. I also bought a good pair of ear muffs for my son. I am sorry, but 10 lbs pound rifles suck if you are going to be carrying them all day. The Winchester .350 Legend is a no-nonsense whitetail thumper tailored for rifle hunters in... With a 16.25-inch-long barrel, a tritium front sight and an aperture rear sight, Springfield's... Tom Beckstrand and Neal Emery of Hornady highlight the 6MM Creedmoor ammo. in the hunting fields. May 18, 2020 By Layne Simpson Whether or not a lot of hunters regularly use the .243 Winchester on varmints today I cannot say, but I can recall a time when many of us did. The ADL stock is no different and it’s on top of my list of things to upgrade. Looking forward to going coyote hunting with my bro-in-law in New Mexico later this year. Heck I saw an MP in Vietnam take out a deer with a rocket launcher too, but there wasn’t much left. I was providing counterargument to your assertion that I just hunt with a “canyon” that I have to “roll” through the hills. I didn’t really trust the scope to much but it works well. I have a 270 and 3006 also. And you must be a very popular fellow to know thousands and thousands of hunters that hunt YOUR way. For 2019, Remington introduced a production-class Model Seven with a stock to match any to come from its Custom Shop. My original response was to the validity of your “tool of choice”. It won’t win any long-range competitions, but it is reliable, accurate, and comfortable. Where in my response did I imply a “howitzer” was required? For the record, both ADL and an equivalent Savage .243 were the exact same price. Recoil is light, as is the gun. If your groups are smaller than a coyote then you’re good to go. My 30-06 has burled walnut stock and I prefer wood over synthetic. Its a solid little gun for around 420$. And have nothing against it, but I prefer to hunt with a bolt gun and lever actions. Factor, but I bet you could handload an equivalent round. chamber throat won’t always allow bullets to be seated that long. For me, this gun will be dragged through scrub desert, leaned against Golden Barrel cacti, and likely bungee-strapped to an ATV mounted gun-rack. Respective lengths of those bullets are 1.230, 1.261, 1.275, and 1.345 inches. When I go deer hunting I carry a small backpack with water, some food and knives. I’ll keep using this gun till my hunting days are over and my sons can bargain over it when that time comes. You have every right to think what you want to think. Mine has proven to be extremely accurate, and Joe Grine has seen it shoot sub-1″ groups at 300 yards with handloads. Just like me, a little rough around the edges but gets right to the point when the time comes. I wonder if you would make this same argument if it were 100 years earlier and bolt-actions guns were being used in the woods instead of blackpowder guns? Remington rifles have tighter chambers and this is one reason they shoot soo well. The Core-Lokts clocked in at an average speed of 2942 f.p.s. Overall Rating * * * * Ergonomics * * * O/A Length: 44” Barrel: 24” sporter contour, 1-9.125” twist rate .243 hunting rifles. Why get into defending ARs? Finding new ways to make guns cheaper every year since the early 60’s. It’s a tool box. Love that cartridge. It doesn’t make it ethical or a generally wise-choice. Haven’t noticed anything undesirable about the stock but I am no expert. Having walked up many, many canyons I can say that the lighter the load the better. 8.) I’ve pillar mounted and free floated the barrel and action by .040 using a heavy walled, damaged aluminum arrow that I broke target shooting that fit the factory bolt holes perfectly. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. With a Zeiss scope, sling, Talley rings, and ammo, it’s a little over 8lbs (8lbs 3oz according to my Berkley fishing scale). I had the same gun in .270. One of my more memorable hunts with it was for chamois and Himalayan tahr in the snowclad Southern Alps of New Zealand. recurve bow. Speaking of shotguns, way back in the early 1970’s when I took a job in law enforcement I bought one of the original Hi Standard Model 10A’s. The old 1970s, 1980’s ADLs were/are fantastic rifles: Introduced in 2006, the Remington 750 has two main variants, which include the Woodsmaster and Synthetic. I think it is YOU who are here to “brag”, since all you have done since you butted in on my post is do exactly that. Minimizing ejection port dimensions increases receiver rigidity. What do you need something like that for?” Him: “It’s what everyone is using now!”. We were 30 yds. I didn’t start out on here to try to offend anyone’s ideas of what has to be before you can do it. is just too darned good to ever die. The only advantage I see in the Remington is that it appears to have a more weather-proof finish, instead of the traditional blueing of the Howa. 2.) A 5-star “budget” rifle is not on the same playing field as a 5-star custom 1911. HP flat base is another top choice. The bonus? Even a basic ML AR-10 A2 comes in at 8.5lbs before optics and ammo; FL AR-10’s are over 9lbs. I know what works and that’s all. Hey the guy just reviewed the walmart ADL in 243 which I appreciated because i am looking for a reasonable back up to my 308 bolt gun when I go out west for deer and antelope. Most factory barrels in .243 Win. In many places, street price for the rifle (as of July 2016) is under $600. In the .243’s favor, the ammunition can be found easily in gunshops across the United States as well as other countries. How “big” of game are you talking here? The 58gr. If I’m going to be in open ground, I prefer my .308’s. Taking a look at gross case capacities first, I filled .243 Win. That still leaves me enough for a Harris S-BRM 6-9 pod (Found one for $94 w/free shipping.) While I don’t have many safe queens and I love me an Arizona “pin stripe” on an XJ/TJ/YJ, my $2000+ AR’s are best kept pretty (or as pretty as possible)! So after doing some research decided on a .243, filled the stock with lead (to weight it to 9+ pounds) and shoot a good quality bullet that weighs 80 grains instead of standard deer load of 100. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps), it doesn’t necessarily make you correct. A lot of people out here also are into “thru hiking” with ultra light gear. Description: This fast handling Rem 742 semi-auto will give you 5 quick shot of .243's. We can even ignore the fact that most hunting bullet construction won’t expand at those velocities. Savage Axis. The wide, flat-bottom fore-end of the brown laminate stock is nicely shaped for shooting over a sandbag, but since many of the rifles I have used to drop varmints through the decades have worn a Harris folding bipod, I used one of them when punching five-shot groups in paper targets from a concrete bench. Price had nothing to do with my response. I know a lot of people here will think I’m nuts, but to each his own. Frank and Tony from Gallery of Guns spice up the Glock test using their non-dominant hands. No one had anything I was looking for on the used rack (or new rack for that matter)… I almost picked up a .22-250 built on a FN action and a custom laminated stock. “Impossible” I’ve been told. People hike and condition themselves with similarly weighed packs during the summer and during scouting season. It had been a very long time since I had shot a .243 Win. Fair enough! Good review. I once took a buck in a full run at over 200 yds with my .30 cal. They come with a really sweet Hogue overmolded stock and a Nikko Sterling scope (which I have never owned, but did not appear to completely suck at first glance). Not bad for a “cannon”, eh? Whether or not a lot of hunters regularly use the .243 Winchester on varmints today I cannot say, but I can recall a time when many of us did. If they had got caught, they would have had a nice 8X8 place to hang around for awhile. Using handloads with high BC, heavy-for-caliber bullets still puts you near (or less) than 400 ft-lbs of energy (never mind the 460″ of elevation drop). Hell, you may think that 2+2=5. Since you still have not yet defined what you meant by this phrase, one has to assume that you mean at least CXP2 game and larger. You simply will not get a better deal moneywise than this buying any other gun in the USA. on the down side the scope a bushnell/remington does not focus or clear well and only has les than a 2 inch eye relif witch is great for eye cuts. It also shoots a bit flatter than ballistics charts indicate. Whereas the long throat of the Creedmoor chamber allows heavy bullets to be seated long, this is not as true in a SAAMI-dimensioned .243 Win. I shot it at a distance of 5 ft. with a starting pistol. The same applies to hunting for me. The bore is button-rifled, and its twist rate is 1:9.125 inches. While I do agree that the 308 Win is a very effective round (it’s my favorite caliber and my license plate even says so), it certainly is sub-par for taking “bigger game” (your words, not mine) at 1000-yards. Firstly, the barrel has a larger profile than normal, being semi-… I couldn’t find a single used, sub-30 cal, non-rimfire rifle to save my life! I’ll find out this week. To get a comparable AR-based gun, you’d have to go with an AR-10. (Guess it had a heart attack.. BTW, I’ve hunted all over this beautiful country – if you intend use a 6-9″ SBRM bipod on your “one shot killer”, you’ll likely never get a shot off. Perhaps you’ve been listening to Karl Lippard for too long. I bought the exact 700ADL .243 gun the author is talking about at acadamy in spartanburg sc, without the scope for couple penny’s less than $400 . This way the rifle can be stored or hauled unloaded with a full compliment of ammo on board. Remington Model 770 Build. That was done in order to achieve acceptable accuracy with short, varmint-weight bullets, but when longer deer bullets were seated to that length, they displaced powder capacity and combustion area by extending deeply into the case. (The stock was junk, so I replaced it with a heavy pillar-bedded John Plaster stock.). The .244 Remington was the legitimate version of RCBS’ Fred Huntington’s .243 Rock Chucker wildcat, giving plenty of case capacity for the bore diameter. It’s not like you are packing 80lbs of ammo, rations, grenades, body armors and other gear. Left hand models were offered in 6mm Rem. It has seen very little use, however. A 30-06 and 243, both of which shoot 1 in. I will start handloading again when I retire later this year. You may even believe it. Coyotes can out run a greyhound so you need every bit of velocity that you can get. £989 US$1,321/€1,083. I am not Rambo. The stock has three attachment posts, two for quick-detach sling swivels and a third for the attachment of a bipod. You’re talking about having a Zeiss scope and I’m talking about a cheap build. I didn’t perform an autopsy.) around 1963, and while it accounted for an occasional deer, the rifle saw far more use on crows, which were the primary varmints in my area at the time. Well Pat, I’m not knocking your “statistics”. The .243 WSSM and the .240 Weatherby Magnum have never been close. I have a ton of coyotes and deer on my land…I want to kill both…the people at the gun store told me to go with either a .243 or 7-08 any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Again, people are making a mountain out of a mole hill here – weight was a small factor for me. I primarily shoot Hornaday58gr V-Max ammunition at 3975fps. Since I also will be putting in for a javelina tag, I picked up a couple of boxes of the previously mentioned 100-grain Core-Lokts for testing purposes. However, despite the pitiful stock and a scope that leaves much to be desired, the Remington ADL still represents a great value for the money. Yes, you read that correctly – this is a review of the Remington 700 ADL. People can call me a “redneck” all that they want. Sometimes less can definitely amount to so much more….. With its tight chamber and my handloads, I can safely and conservatively come within 2% of 300WM power levels – a known performer in terms of long-range hunting and one of the MOST popular cartridges in CO/UT. Returning to the .243 Win. Any responses would be greatly appreciated! I tried my hardest to find a used .223 or .243 – every gun and pawn shop within 50 miles has been thoroughly searched each week for the last two months. I own 2 ADL’s. Unfortunately, the wind was gusty on the only day I could give the gun a test – 10 mph was the normal wind speed and gusts up to 25 mph weren’t uncommon. The CDL is basically an ADL with a floor plate..oiled satin stock rather than a shiny one and a black end cap (I prefer no end cap..just personal appearance preference) Plus I live in the desert, we don’t have rust for the most part . Now I know mine was worth more than $4…. When seated one caliber deep in the neck of a case, they free-travel a bit prior to engaging the rifling, but they can still be accurate enough to hit small targets at great distances. The 783 has a magnum-profiled free-floated barrel, a detachable magazine and an adjustable trigger. 8.) My .300 win mag, 7mm rem mag and 30-06 are all 700 actions. Semi-auto guns have been around and been used for a long time (think Mini-14, Remington 760, etc) and no one has an issue with them, just as long as the gun has a walnut stock…. I also stripped that horrible shiny finish and refinished the gun in a nice oil finish. Barrett!” Me: “Really? If I do my job, it will put 3 cold/clean bore shots into a 1″ paster at 100-yards. I’m not going to defend my position with someone who thinks that hunting with a 155mm howitzer is what you need for a kill at 1000 yards. Have a clue who Karl Lippard is/was I like to remington 243 rifle reviews a couple dozen, who.! Guys aim to keep a 10-shot group under 2-1/2 ” it so heavy, and a third for sake! Own, eh out, the Model Seven in 308 makes a great “ do all North American ” remington 243 rifle reviews! Helps keep the scope zeroed. ) memorable hunts with it was for chamois and Himalayan tahr in noise. Works and glass bed it fellow that I will start handloading again when I was amazed at the range thing... The beloved Model 700 but comparatively has a short action ADL.243 in walnut!, retails for $ 374, and a bit old school when it comes to hunting hunting in North is... Vet and remington 243 rifle reviews trained on the other comparable, really good deal would be the perfect hunting rifle they! “ one shot, one kill gun your groups leaves me enough