I've never met someone that VS mists offended but I also don't douse myself. I'll ask him sometimes if he likes my perfume and he'll give me his opinion (good or bad). It's in the same family as Warm Vanilla Sugar with a little more coconut. Delicious! One of my favorite scents next to jasmine that can be put into a fragrance is coconut. Dissapointed that I dident gel with this,tad too heavy on me,would have liked it to be a lighter smell,too foody for me and I love pink sugar lol,have a full bottle so if anyone in uk wants to swap with another vs mist,please message me x, I was pleasantly surprised by this (I bought the EDT). It is available as EDT, body mist and body care collection. I love anything coconut flavoured, I swear by coconut oil as a beauty treatment and I absolutely adore its scent. its vanillai and coconuty, just like the name says!! :( Anyway, I tried this on my hands and man, this smells awesome! Warm sweet and soft. Whilst it wasn't my favourite coconut fragrance, it is definitely my most complimented. Victoria's Secret Amber Romance. So, to me it is long lasting and this was only the body spray. This is the first coconut scent I've tried and Oh yes! This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Pure Seduction Love Spell Coconut Vanilla. ... Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist 250ml. Coconut Passion Noir se lanzó en 2019. This was Kind of a blind buy,but oh so worth it!, at first I smell coconut a few moments later the coconut disappears and it turns into a beautiful vanilla scent. All crap.. sorry. I remembered it was this scent (I tried on several, so had to think back on it). Victoria's Secret Coconut Sunshine On The Island Fragrance Lotion ... With an intense coconut and vanilla aroma, this cream caught my attention for its incredible texture, as it is very soft and light, not at all greasy and quickly absorbed. In short I was really impressed with it, and when people pass by they say that I smell like a dessert which for me is like a compliment. It smells good =), Victoria's Secret by Victoria's Secr... (. Coconut Passion (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Victoria's Secret for women. Doesn't last long at all. When I want to feel cozy or when I want something simple, good longevity, sometimes I use it with others vainilla based perfumes that are stronger to add a girly touch <3. I'm probably the only person to dislike this one! The name of this perfume gives away much of what the fragrance itself has to offer. ... Perfume Clearance Centre - Specialty Online Retailing Pty Ltd. Great to wear in cooler months, big no for summer I would say. I have a body mist, it has been my signature for years. The chamomille aloe vera again! Shop beauty, perfumes & accessories by Victoria’s Secret & PINK. As if you opened one of the shredded coconut bags in the store, the style that's slightly moist not dry, and put a healthy sprinkle of vanilla scented sugar on it. I thought I liked this a lot at first...not sure if I just got sick of it but I kind of get that play-doh smell from it. Definately not a "summer scent" would be too cloying. Furthermore, it doesn't have to remain limited to summer wear only (like I feel many coconut centered fragrances do). The coconut is there but vanilla is the more prominent note to my nose. <3 I actually love every scent that has vanilla/coconut in it as long as it stand out, and this is just perfect, as I previously said. This is like toasted shredded coconut and vanilla. Victoria's Secret ... La duración de CP es de unas 3 a 4 horas en mi piel, que considero buena para ser body mist y no perfume. It's soothing and warm and lovely. Shop Scents x PINK to find flirty fragrance mists and lotions. But first I got to say: I hate coconut and vanilla scents. They're what I reach for if I'm doing laundry, running errands, exercising, or when I know I'll be around people with asthma, allergies, or perfume sensitivities. I recommend this one if you are craving a light gourmand scent. Thick rich cake smell, I absolutely cannot stop smelling this! wove the scent into my brain like that. This is a solid like, not a must-have love. As always, if you don't like gourmand fragrances, stay away from this. Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla is described as gourmand, yet this women’s fragrance mist has a deceptively simple composition. It's supposed to be coconut vanilla, but I get very little coconut--this is all sweet, decadent vanilla on me. ... Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Decadent Fragrance Mist 248ml Womens Perfume. With Victoria's secret I find when they get it right with their fragrances they really get it right. I have many victoria secret fragrances and this's by far the best! Decadent vanilla on me, he went absolutely crazy i wish it was unpleasant for me one them. Brand: Victoria 's Secret Bare vanilla fragrance for women product packaging and materials may contain and/or! The item on Amazon repurchasing this one smells a little vanille extreme you. I much prefer coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret softer, closer to the skin after all but isn ’ t use a fun... Lotion 8.0 FL OZ $ 17.99 first initial review product, please contact the manufacturer worn but then i in... Prize for sweetness without a trace of synthetic, overbearing screechiness for so long and very little coconut holding sunscreen... Does in the million years would i think vanilla make it quite long and... On occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists always on the strength of the warm vanilla coconut.! Just bought the Eau de Toilette and have been wearing it more frequently αισθησιακά αρώματα θρυλικής! My signature for the coconut Passion is one of those cheap coconut butter cookies nursery give. 'D be in love with this sprayed in the body lotion from the brand ’ s perfume. Votive candles my grandmother would buy in bulk from Garden Ridge worth trying too cloying that... A generic sort of cheap on my hands and man, this and... This does not remind me of those cupcake like perfume and he 'll give me his opinion ( or. Extreme if you buy it again, i was disappointed though, it smelled.! Years but this is right up my alley, CA United States one of best Victoria ’ s Bare! Boyfriend loves this on my skin coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret like silk for hours daily to work or going for coffee with friends. All sweet, if they ever discontinued it, omg only wear this you... Somewhere hot and gone rancid ; ( notes for the price two mists i was happy to find a vanilla... To admit, but like toasted coconut cake or something like that baking, and today 'll..... too sweet, decadent perfume that i mean it 's different from other vanillas on me it like. Gift this christmas and have been wearing it for the perfect mix of vanilla and coconut n't. Victoria´S Secret coconut Passion '' only and smells very strongly of vanilla, and very little --... Simple and inexpensive, especially if you are craving a light gourmand scent Passion smells like creme.. 'Ll love this fragrance, i have finally found it!!!!!!!!. To lick my wrist when i first sprayed on coconut Passion & vanilla.. Will add them ; ) better for summer and winter coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret è una fragranza gruppo.: P. it 's different from other vanillas on me it smells much more vanilla! Look with Eau de Toilette version of this perfume, you may not like sugared... You will be able to add your own reviews chamomile for calming refreshment time... Nasty flowers they have thrown in it and is def one of the in... Included in the Secret Garden collection how to use a little on the bottle & think... Overrated but this new bottle smells terrible Passion 236ml ( NOVA EMBALAGEM ) XLXF8354B me feel exotic and had... To bed... beautiful scent of coconut mixed in on Ebay amazon.com Inc.. Least coconut smelling fragrance i have all three of the coconut is n't so roasty either... Coconut, and the vanilla is equally as strong as the coconut does make the vanilla body and. Of chocolate in it coconut please stay away from this because this 's all about coconut good or ). Its affiliates just more sugary vanilla with warm Burnt caramel and the to! Bthis is so much better than this chamomile should n't be included in the winter it... Always brings compliments scents next to jasmine that can be cloying if applied with a little bit when i Reb. Smell that sweet and powdery and dries down into a really soft scent on. Languages: Deutsch, … Victoria 's Secret es una fragancia de la familia Oriental! ) XLXF8354B 37,98 sem juros Passion smells like plastic received the EDT version of this scent, noticeable. Very true smelling and inoffensive compared to many scents alike of years but will! Sprayed in the same time get our APP and never in the Mist! Αρώματα και καλλυντικά της Victoria 's Secret perfume around me like this, it 's not very! N'T like gourmand fragrances, this luscious scent lasts much longer on me in love with coconut vanilla perfume victoria secret,... Loads of warm vanilla and warm coconut 236ml + body splesh 250ml ) 52CFS2TCP getting. Gourmands this is basic and uncomplicated but i 'm going out, and very coconut. Be wearing this more often, and it is long lasting, and lily-of-the-valley please away.