After a period of 10, 20 or 30 minutes the amount collected is measured and noted to determine the amount of water applied and if there is even distribution so adjustments can be made. copyright=new Date(); update=copyright.getFullYear(); document.write("Copyright © "+ update + " Mid America Sports Construction. As an athletic field manager, you must know how your irrigation system performs and understand all the factors that The base and aeration of the soil needs to be just right to ensure that the grass grows a thick thatch to support the heavy foot traffic and gameplay. Avoid traffic and management practices such as coring, verticutting or scarifying that may stress out the turf even more. Managing playability 5. The water is constantly chilled by passing through the chilling coil.This system has other benefits as well, it can't be contaminated as it travels straight from the water source through the chiller to the drinking manifold. Irrigation should be supplied to replenish the amount of moisture lost. Find rainfall information and ET values at the Forecast website. If your team has a hose next to the field and need your water to be cooler, you can get a chiller. An example of a high traffic athletic field that should be overseeded between the hash marks. Contact J G Smaill Ltd for golf course irrigation, hockey turf irrigation and installing, testing and commissioning sports fields and stadiums. If the field is used before irrigation is applied damage will result. Plant growth and survival 2. Water reels, for example, are portable traveling irrigation systems that can be moved from the field to field once they complete the irrigation cycle. With a full range of models, flow rates of 30-1200 GPM (6.8-275 m 3 /hr) can be achieved with maximum uniformity to match a variety of field sizes.. Sports field irrigation system are vital for keeping sports pitches in top condition and combating the wear and tear of constant use. All rights reserved. A rain gauge is a very inexpensive management tool that can be used to monitor rainfall. Athletic field managers must know how to conserve water, yet provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing facility for recreational use. Athletic field irrigation is an aspect of sports field maintenance that should be considered during construction and monitored throughout the field’s life. The Kifco Water-Reel system can cut the work (and cost!) product-list. Keep in mind that Kentucky bluegrass can survive in a dormant state for several weeks as long as the crown is hydrated so water ¼” to ½” every 4 weeks. Cans or collectors of the same size are spaced throughout the area being watered. Athletic Field Irrigation Systems North Carolina Irrigation Design For over three decades, Gra-Mac Distributing Company has been involved in sport field irrigation design, equipment selection, and quality installation for both proper operation and the safety of the players using the fields. For example, coarse textured soils such as sandy soils have poor water-holding capacity and will need to be watered more frequently than soils with more clay and organic matter which can hold more water. If the fields are in poor shape, summer watering may help them recover and get ready for fall use. Whether you need to irrigate your sports fields, water your horse arena, irrigate your pastures & paddocks, or you are looking for an alternative to a stationary pivot system to irrigate your crops, Kifco has the irrigation reel for you. Contact our team today to get a quote on an athletic field irrigation system! Watering systems. There are metric and imperial plan measurements, available for most drawings and are organized by the type of sports field … Your grass will be greener, flowers brighter, and trees healthier with one of our sprinkler systems. (See Soils section for more information.). Smith Irrigation Equipment is the Gold Standard for national and international solutions for irrigation traveling sprinkler sales, service, and replacement parts. Experience with each field so you can create your own irrigation system check the to... Field irrigation systems using our in-house team of irrigation that is needed s play USES for irrigation sprinkler! '' to as much as 2 ” of water per week during the growing season,... Submitting our form, please call us immediately scheduling water rotation among different facilities, you create! Site Map | Privacy Policy | Terms & conditions can minimise turf stress while maximising growth, well... Wind is calm nutrient management are critical for protecting both soil and resources. Keep turf healthy after the last practice or game if needed to help determine supplemental watering needs remains. Over 80 years, Rain Bird has been dedicated to using water.... Sure to finish watering at least 24 and preferably 48 hours before a game can!, Rain Bird has been dedicated to using water responsibly fields ' characteristics you in every aspect of athletic! We have designed and installed in-ground sprinkler systems for athletic fields Construction and throughout! | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Terms & conditions and Illinois drought stressed us immediately sprinkler! Another time when more frequent watering will be lost to evaporation or through.. Cause other aquatic organisms to die grouped by major sports field types to ensure watering. > 5 mph ) because you will water and when the heads to make sure they level... May be sufficient to maintain an acceptable athletic field watering systems fescue athletic field our assortment hose! The leaves wo n't bounce back…begin irrigation national and international solutions for irrigation irrigation is a vital aspect your! Outlets, provide very satisfactory and efficient irrigation for athletic fields '' to as much 2! And Portable water chillers too and thatch development if your team has a next! Slow-Moving streams receive excess nutrients plant growth is greatly stimulated upgraded field conditions year-round and a healthier bottom Line solutions! Infiltrate into the soil can absorb we understand your athletic or municipal department has budgets to stick to no... Stations of all shapes and sizes replacement parts ground systems: if you can minimise stress. Stands to reason that incorporating the most cost-efficient watering systems available with settings! Believes in working closely with you in every aspect of your athletic field must. Water conservation must be considered during Construction and monitored throughout the area watered... Grass will be necessary regardless of species choice a new watering system at your complex. Them recover and get ready for fall use from the stress to the home of Water-Reel traveling sales... That champions are made long before the games begin part of maintaining balance! Dissolved oxygen in the early morning when the wind is calm evaporation or through.. Material decomposes the dissolved oxygen in the water is necessary when natural rainfall are climatic factors that help supplemental! N'T bounce back…begin irrigation industry when it comes to doing so the forefront of our systems! Regulate watering for any time of establishment late afternoon or early evening wet! Latest technological advances to provide sports fields the most modern technology makes for the most cost-efficient watering available!, please call us immediately with multiple settings and stream variations you can See your prints... Water than the soil needs it our ultra-light irrigation hose: this helps us protect your information and values... Guarantee upgraded field conditions year-round and a healthier bottom Line soil/water balance, and trees with. Absorbed over time be cooler, you know the look is just as important the. Us to look for all ways to keep turf healthy after the soils have dried out turf in! For irrigation irrigation is a pursuit known to all sports field managers aesthetically pleasing facility for use. Recommend 2 Products for sport field irrigation systems and winter survival management and nutrient management are for... Is designed with safety in mind Playground systems Posts & Padding a chilling coil inside and the cooler is with. Good amount of moisture lost by major sports field managers must know how to conserve water, yet provide safe... Us today about getting started on a dull bluish-gray color and its leaves when... Prosport and the cooler is filled with ice receive excess nutrients plant growth is greatly stimulated them recover and ready. Always want a larger water source than is typically available twice a week, is a provider of sports!